Lesley and Ricardo

“As parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), it was a struggle to find the “just right” preschool for our child.  We searched for what seemed like an eternity, and visited many schools when a serendipitous conversation with another parent led us to Sounds of Success Preschool (SOS).  We met Lisa (director) and Jill (teacher) on our first visit, and knew immediately from their warmth and openness, that we had finally found the perfect place and people.  The SOS team took the time to genuinely get to know our daughter and better understand her diagnoses, and how it would impact her in a school environment.  The classroom team was open to making the necessary accommodations to ensure that our daughter would have a successful preschool experience.  Our daughter has been at SOS for 5 months now, and she has blossomed and grown in ways we never expected.  We feel so blessed to have found this special place."

Richard Darling