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About Sounds of Success Preschool

Who we are…

Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center (SOS) is a local private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization serving all preschool children ages 2 1/2 to 5 yrs old, while specializing in speech and language therapy Hawaii services for children with speech-language delays.  We do accept children from 2 1/2 yrs old into our 3 yr old program.  We have a Jr. Kindergarten class for late born 4 yr olds and 5 yr olds with an true Kindergarten curriculum through Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We also have an on-site Learning Center for after school speech-language therapy for children ages 2 - 18 who are not enrolled in Sounds of Success Preschool.  Founded in Jan 2012, SOS is a Hawaii-based preschool with co-founders born and raised on Oahu.

Our Mission…

Early Childhood Education Hawaii : SOS strives to ensure that preschool aged children are given the basic tools to reach their full potential.  Our mission is to provide a safe, structured, and fun learning environment with teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists working together collaboratively to provide individualized learning and therapeutic interventions (if needed), to young children from Aiea & Pearl City to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our Vision…

SOS is committed to providing a team of highly qualified teachers and Speech-Language Pathologists to help serve the educational needs of preschool aged children for speech language pathology.  Our program is designed to support social-emotional, speech and language, physical, and cognitive growth in children.  The overall objective of our program is to prepare children for mainstream education, so they are ready to learn and accept the challenges that will help them succeed throughout their school years.  SOS also aspires to educate and work collaboratively with families for further enrichment and carryover of learned skills into the home environment.  Family involvement is welcomed and encouraged.

What We Do…..

  • Full day preschool for all children ages 2 1/2 to 5 years old that engages your child in a fun learning environment with a quality curriculum.
  • A unique all day preschool that also offers individualized speech-language therapy services for those chidren with speech-language needs. 30-minute daily speech therapy sessions are conducted during the school day with a certified licensed Speech-Language Pathologist as part of a language enriched learning curriculum.
  • Group size and staff are significant factors in creating a high quality and successful learning environment.  Thus, it is important to us to keep low student to teacher ratios, so our students can thrive.  The ratio for our 3 yr old program is 1:8.  The ratio for our 4 & 5 yr old programs is 1:10. 
  • We offer activities throughout the school day that focus on experiences that will help children learn, develop motor skills, and have fun at the same time.
  • Our AFTER SCHOOL LEARNING CENTER also offers speech-language therapy services after school hours to children of all ages (2 - 18 yrs old) that do not attend our preschool. 
  • We are a non-profit and equal opportunity provider and employer.

Our Teachers and Staff…..

  • We are a cohesive team of highly qualified, educated teachers and full-time American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologists with an unwavering commitment to providing your child with a safe, caring and enriching educational environment.
  • Our speech pathologists, director and administrator possess Master's degrees from accredited universities.  All our teachers possess either a Bachelor's degrees from accredited universities or have a teaching certificate.
  • One of the Best Preschools in Hawaii.  We are the only preschool with Speech Therapists on staff. Speech Language Pathology is our speciality as we strive to provide Speech Therapy for all children of Hawaii. 


What Parents Have to Say About Us....


              “Sounds of Success Preschool has made an amazing difference in our family’s life.  Our son has been working with a speech therapist since he was one year old but the sessions were limited to only three times per month and we did not see much progress.  We knew we needed more help with this speech therapy.  Luckily, we started with Sounds of Success Preschool on the day it opened in January 2012, a few days before he turned 3 years old.  At that time he only spoke about ten words like Mama, Dada and ball.  Sounds of Success Preschool Speech Therapist, Kimi Kwock, worked with him every day and within two months his vocabulary exploded and he was coming home almost every day saying a new word or putting two-word sentences together.  It has now been about six months and our son LOVES going to school – he even asks to go to Speech class! He has also turned into a little chatterbox who is constantly mimicking the words we say and can now spontaneously say four-word sentences.  The teachers, therapists and staff members are wonderful and all of them assist in helping our son in his speech and education goals.  We are very grateful to have found Sounds of Success Preschool.”

                                                                                             - Lesley and Ricardo

                 “As parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), it was a struggle to find the “just right” preschool for our child.  We searched for what seemed like an eternity, and visited many schools when a serendipitous conversation with another parent led us to Sounds of Success Preschool (SOS).  We met Lisa (director) and Jill (teacher) on our first visit, and knew immediately from their warmth and openness, that we had finally found the perfect place and people.  The SOS team took the time to genuinely get to know our daughter and better understand her diagnoses, and how it would impact her in a school environment.  The classroom team was open to making the necessary accommodations to ensure that our daughter would have a successful preschool experience.  Our daughter has been at SOS for 5 months now, and she has blossomed and grown in ways we never expected.  We feel so blessed to have found this special place."    

                "The staff at SOS is a talented team of individuals committed to making sure that each child reaches their full potential in a structured and nurturing environment.  The teachers have a gift for being present with the students, and talking at the child’s level instead of down at them, which we saw too often at many other schools.  They are very attentive to each child’s needs, and there is a genuine respect for their individual differences.  Their days are filled with exciting activities that are always well thought out by the teachers making learning fun.  As a result, the students, our daughter included, are very happy to be here and excited to learn.  As parents, we couldn’t ask for more.  SOS is a gem of a school that we wholeheartedly recommend to any family in search of a high quality preschool for their child.” 

                                                                                                 - Brad and Kim


                “It goes without saying that our children are the most important things in our lives. So, choosing a preschool where we could feel good about taking our son took some time. Edison didn't need speech therapy but after our visit to the school, we were eager to send him there. It was amazing to see the warmth and nuture that this school offered from the moment the doors opened. The focus on social skills, learning through play, letter recognition, numbers, music and art, and the benefit of a small class with a low student to teacher ratio was an ideal setting. We noticed that our "shy" Edison started to engage himself without hesitation. What a difference a few months made in his demeanor and overall social interaction! Furthermore, the staff here are absolutely wonderful! They have become more like my extended family providing just the right amount of love, teaching, and discipline. Learning should be fun and the Sounds of Success program strives to make each child and their family feel appreciated, validated, and nurtured both mentally and emotionally. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you do, not only for Edison, but for my entire family!”

                                                                                                  -- Nicole and Daniel